Sunday, October 20, 2013

State 23! (Boston Trip Part 2)

When I was about to buy my flight to Boston, Shelby promised we'd get to visit Rhode Island, so that I could get another state.  What a kind sister she was to agree, and then to drive so far to help me cross off the 23rd state off of my list.  Guess who just matched their age in states.  This girl did.  

Rhode Island was just as I imagined it to be; small, quaint, gorgeous views  I even saw some people practicing actual polo!   It was really tempting to stop and watch, but then I remembered our destination was the Newport Mansions.   Ain't nobody got time for polo when Newport Mansions are involved.  Simply stated, they were breathtaking.  Shelby and I turned to each other at one point and said that we felt like we'd just stepped into a Jane Austen novel.  I feel like by just walking into that house, I got to live the unspoken dream of half a million girls.  Of course, by walking into that house with two small children, I may have crushed the dreams of all the old ladies touring the place.  I'm of the opinion that children should be exposed to art at a young age, it's fine.

As if the house tour wasn't enough, with our ticket, we were then able to tour the grounds.   One day I'll have a house with grounds.  A fancy house, although nice, just isn't as impressive to me as a backyard large and well kept enough to be qualified as grounds.  

This kid is kind of one of my favorites.  

I caught this famous family out on the grounds having a picnic.  I think they may actually be the owners of the house.  

Since Rhode Island is apparently known as the ocean state, we had to hit the beach, for just a little bit.  After watching Daxton pour a whole ton of sand over Tayte's head, we did a small part of the cliff walk behind the mansions.  Have I mentioned how I kind of want to live here?  Gorgeous houses, beaches, cliff walks, polo - you just can't go wrong.  

Thank you a million times Shelby for taking me here to visit!

Much to soon it was nice to leave Boston.  It was so hard to say goodbye to that wonderful family, and go back to working.  However, before I'd make it home, I'd have a 9 hour layover in Philadelphia.  Originally I thought I'd never been to Pennsylvania before, and that the stars must just be in my favor.  Turns out I had.  (And that's how my number of states I'd been to mysteriously got bumped up one day in case you were keeping track).  Even though I'd been to Pennsylvania, I'd most certainly never been to Philadelphia.  I lugged myself, my suitcase, backpack, and purse to go see the sights.  Then came the realization that Philadelphia is terrible and doesn't actually realize what freedom means.  I had to have all of my bags opened and searched before I could go in to see the Liberty Bell, or take the tour through Independence Hall.  There I stood, helpless, as all my possessions  in my suitcase were searched; all while a whole slew of people looked on.  I felt that was a little bit excessive, but maybe that's just me.  It was ironic to then enter into the historic Independence Hall, or view that historic bell, and learn about the sacrifices made for freedom, yet here I was, having just gone through an extensive searching process, just to view it.

Apparently Philadelphia was just full of irony that day.  I made the long journey to go to church, and got there just as they were saying the closing prayer.. of Stake Conference.  Really?  At least I tried.  Plus, I felt like learning more about our founding fathers helped give me some good Sunday thoughts.

Only one more state before I accomplish my goal of 24 before 24!  Any suggestions for which one I should reach my goal with?


  1. looks amazing and slightly jealous.. well actually i'm more than slightly i'm really jealous of you going to rhode island and tour those manions above. :) so beautiful. your a brave soul to parade around philadelphia with all your stuff and by yourself. i think you should go to hawaii as a big BANG.

    1. That would be nice if I considered Hawaii as a big bang, and if I wasn't wanting to go to Europe next year for my big bang.

  2. Yes Rhode Island mansions do look amazing. You were smart to go while Shelbs still lives there. And yes liberty bell and searching your bags like that does not go together. It was so much different when I went there at your age. Not fun..... Hawaii? yep cas good suggestion.

  3. Nebraska. Or North Dakota. They get overlooked so much

    1. Already been to Nebraska. I'd have to visit both Dakotas at once. No way that North Dakota gets it's on special visit.

  4. I say new Mexico, and then we can rendezvous