Monday, October 14, 2013

I've got that summertime, summertime sadness (Boston Trip Part 1)

I realize it's now the middle of October, but I've been missing the summer a lot this week.  Summer was very good to me this year.  

In August the stars aligned, and what I had been hoping would happen for a long time actually happened!  I got offered a new job (Huzzah!), and because of this, I was able to have a week break between jobs to use for travel without using vacation days.  Since options of where to go were slightly limited, I decided to snatch up tickets back to good old Boston.  I don't regret my decision at all.  Not only did I get to kick it with the lovely Osmond clan once again, but I also had a day to spend with the Stephens who were there at the same time.  

Some (I'm looking at you family) questioned my decision of going back to Boston again, wondering what I would do the second time around.  Well let me tell you, there was plenty to still do.  So much, that I've decided to split this trip into two posts.  I know you're all thrilled about that.

Since I bought tickets pretty late in the game, options were fairly limited on flight times.  On the way over, I took a red eye flight, thereby gaining the experience necessary to realize that red eye flights are the worst idea ever.  Glad I got that experience over with at a relatively young age.  Cass and Daniel were awaiting me at the airport, and away we went to tour the city.  I don't know how it happened, but they wanted to visit all the things I didn't get the opportunity to visit the first time I visited.  Well, except for the Boston tea harbor.  For some unknown reason my requests to visit there keep getting denied.  
Moving on.. It was fun to be back in the city again, especially since this time I was an experienced tourist.  Experiencing it with Cassidy and Daniel made it even better.

 Can you spot Daniel?

 The little lovebirds

As you can probably tell from this picture, it was an absolutely beautiful day.  

 She makes the rest of us look bad.

Part of the reason I decided to make the trip was because it has been a little too long since Shelby, Cass, and I were all together.  I've really missed that.  Daniel and Brandon were kind enough to babysit so that we could have a a girl's night.  Best. Night. Ever.  We got started later than we wanted, and it was a race against time as the store closed in 40 minutes.  Unfortunately, there was a little bit of traffic on the way there.  When Shelby mentioned we were only 0.5 miles away from our destination.  I suggested we walk the rest of the way.  We got out, and started to jog.  Roughly 0.5 mile later, I said to Shelby, "Where is this place anyway?"  She couldn't quite remember, so I googled it on my phone and found out we were actually a mile away.  Apparently the 0.5 mile Shelby had mentioned was just until our next turn.  Knowing time was limited, we started to run as fast as we could, although we were pretty limited since we were in skirts and sandals.   People must have thought we were pretty strange as we ran by, but we managed to make it to the store with 20 minutes to spare.  Once we made our purchases, we made the long trip back to the car, laughing about how ridiculous the whole experience was.  

The next day, the Stephens had to leave.  It was very sad to say goodbye to them, but at least I got the one day with them.  Plus, I had another awesome family to keep me company for the rest of my time there, and they had some pretty cute boys to play with.

I love those boys.

 It wouldn't be the last week of summer without a trip to the beach.  Shelby and Brandon had a ward activity that I was more than happy to attend with them.  I wanted to up as much sun as possible, before I retired my swimsuit for the winter.   While there, I had two firsts: swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, and eating clam.  Turns out that clam is actually really good.  At least in my opinion.  

Oh summer, how I miss you. 


  1. Awe reading this makes me miss it too!!! I was so happy we were able to spend at least one day together. Love the photos. You got great skills. :) also I don't make others look bad

  2. You make my city look goooood! haha. Totally made me sad reading this. It made me miss you and the stephens a whole lot. Glad you got your two first... can't wait to see your next Boston post because what we did was pretty spectacular.

  3. Your girls night sounded so hilarious. I can see you all running a mile in skirts and sandals.Funny story. Glad the no sleep night hadn't hit you yet so you could enjoy the day with Cas and Daniel and see the sights you missed before. Love your pics as well. Getting quite good Kels. I'm impressed.