Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I can't go back, it's so cold!

There's been quite a bit of watching of the following video lately.  I'm convinced the main reason it's so hilarious to me is the people that I watch/quote it with every single day.  The cold comment also perfectly captures how I feel about going back to my house during the winter.  You may not find it funny, but over here I'm still laughing.

On another note I went to a friend's house to see if she wanted to get a kong cone and found myself, instead, sitting next to her eagerly watching pride and prejudice.  Thirty minutes later there were 4 girls on that tiny couch.  When it was over we may or may not have started it again.. but you can't get me to admit to anything! Alright fine, I have no shame.. Yes, we did start it again.  Unfortunately twenty minutes in I had to leave and go to bed.  Darn responsibility.