Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Playing Pranks Terrifies Me

I have a love/hate relationship with April Fool's Day.  I love the idea of playing pranks, but hate having pranks played on me.  I can still remember a horrible prank my mom played on me when I was about 6 or 7 years old.  My mom put a rubber band around the sprayer and told me to clean out my lunch box.  Being the obedient child I was I immediately went to clean it out.  When I inevitably got soaked, I ran away sobbing from the embarrassment and from the shock of getting sprayed after doing something good.  I attribute my dislike of cleaning through my teenage years to that very moment.  Turns out joke was on you mom!

I digress..  Because of all these jokes my mom played on me, my main goal on April Fool's day was and still is, to prank her.  And I can guarantee you that most of my siblings feel the same way.  That woman is either very confident or a bit crazy to get that many people angry at her.  I like to think that my tendency to be boring on April Fool's Day comes about from my instinct to avoid being a target for prank playing.

This April Fool's looked to be like another typical, boring, college life one (boring because I no longer live with my mom, and therefore she can't really prank me).  However, that night my two roommates informed me that they would not be coming to FHE, because they wanted to go to the movies.  Bad move on their part.  Thing is, I'm the mom of my FHE group, and as such, get to choose what we do.  Once everyone gathered I informed them there'd been a slight change in activities.  Instead of playing telephone pictionary, we'd be pranking these girls.  One of them came up with the brilliant idea of suran wrapping the car they took to the movies.  So that's just what we did.

Once the job was completed, I began to realize the foolishness of my actions.  I was the one that lived with these two people, therefore I'd be the only one they'd target.  Terrified, I took cover at a friend's house.  When I needed to go to bed, I nervously entered my house and found my two roommates in my room.  They started chatting with me as if nothing was amiss.  Suspicious, I began to look around my room to make sure nothing was out of place.  Then my roommate said that she had forgotten it was April Fool's until she saw someone's car suran wrapped in the parking lot at the movies.  Very much confused at the game they were playing, I played along and didn't say anything about the fact that I knew it was actually their car that had been suran wrapped.

Soon they left to talk outside my room.  After triple checking my bed to make sure nothing was there, I finally climbed into it. I was still very nervous and went to sleep with one eye open that night.  Next morning, while getting ready, I opened my closet and found the suran wrap remnants stuffed in there.  And to think I lost sleep over that.  I think they knew about my fear of retaliation and were trying to scare me.  Punks.  Moral of the story, it's never worth it to play pranks, unless you know you're playing them against non-creative people such as my two roommates.  If you've got a person in your life like my mom, you should probably just avoid all contact until the day is over.