Friday, March 29, 2013

Inspirational Thought For the Day

"Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."
         -Victor Kiam

I was in charge of sending out the motivational thought for the work and was pretty tempted to email this to everyone..  I ended up opting for something a bit more appropriate and classy.  Still had to share with someone, so you're welcome.  This video makes me laugh every.. single.. time.  No matter how many times I watch it.  And in case you're worried about the cat, don't worry he ends up being fine.

P.S. Shout out to Tanner for finding the stellar quote!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Life as a Lock Jawed Woman.

Last Sunday night I decided to be ultra prepared and get all my food ready for the next day at work. This included breakfast, lunch, and all snacks.  Now normally I'd have snacks to eat at work, but due to a little mouse problem that hadn't yet been resolved, we were asked to take all food home.

Monday morning I awoke to sunlight streaming through the windows  As daylight savings had occurred I instantly knew something was up as it should have been dark.  I jumped out of bed and saw that it was 8:11.  Did I mention that I'm supposed to be to work at 8?  I got ready in lightning speed and rushed out the door.  I was very pleased when I managed to clock in at 8:34, but upon settling I realized I had forgotten all my food. Already starving I knew it was going to a long wait until lunchtime.

I didn't have time to get food on my lunch break that day (ironic I know),  and ran to Subway when I had the chance that day around 2. The kind man at the counter asked if I'd like any sauce on it.  Thinking a little ranch would taste good, I asked him to put a tiny bit on.  He shook the bottle, squeezed it, and SPLAT a huge mound of ranch is now on the sandwich.  Before I could stop him he shakes his head, squeezes again, and sent another huge mound of ranch onto my sandwich. Not having much time, I just paid for the sandwich and left.

When I arrived back at work, I went to take the first bite and found, to my dismay, that I couldn't fit my mouth over my sandwich.  Now might be the time to mention that my jaw hadn't been able to open for about 3 weeks, due to a joint issue.  Being completely famished, I just started to basically shove the sandwich in my mouth without caring if I got it all over my face.  Had any one seen me and commented I probably would have gone all Chris Farley on them.

But for real, I would have.  The sandwich was quite gross due to the obscene amount of ranch on it, but at least I was no longer close to blacking out.  And on the bright side of things my jaw finally opened again yesterday!  I've been shoving large bites of food in to my heart's content.  You just don't appreciate the simple things like opening your mouth until you are unable to do so.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!

It's been quite awhile since I've last left Provo and gone on a little vacation.  So even though my work doesn't like to observe such glorious holidays as President's Day, I decided to take the day off and head to Vegas with a group of friends.  I'm sure that's what the presidents would've wanted me to do.

As per usual I was a bit underwhelmed by Vegas itself.   However, you know what didn't underwhelm?  The car rides to and from Vegas.  What can I say, I love me some car trip bonding time.  On the car ride there we had some.. interesting stories about people's love life that made for hilarious entertainment.  On the way back we got stuck in traffic for an hour because of 3 accidents.  Of course, we just decided it was the perfect opportunity to have a major dance party right there on the highway. And by 'dance party' I mean that we flailed our arms and went crazy in our car listening to fine tunes created by the Biebs himself.

Sidenote: At one of our stops on the way to Vegas I found a globe.  This reminded me of a wonderful game I used to play with my sisters. In said game, we'd ask the globe where we were born, where we were getting married, and where we were going to die .  Since all of who went on the trip were eligible bachelors/bachelorettes we decided to ask where are future husbands/wives would be found.  I think I'm finding mine somewhere in Taiwan. But somehow I've already managed to forget that vital piece of information.  

Vegas ended up being wonderful, mostly because of the glorious 70 degree weather.  It was a great break from the never ending mounds of ice and snow found in Provo. When we arrived, we took some much needed time to just bask in the sun's rays and lay on the grass since we hadn't really seen so much as a blade of grass for quite awhile.

Yeah, that grass felt good.

We then chose to go directly to the red rocks, as that's what most of us were most excited to do.  We weren't there for nearly long enough, since we arrived at 3 and for some silly reason the park closed at 5.  We made the most of those two hours and were tempted to stay, until rumors began flying about the fines one could accrue if one were to overstay his or her welcome.  Thus, we dutifully left.


                                                                       This is what happened when I told my friend to get in the picture

 Other then the red rocks we basically just enjoyed each other's company, ate good food, and managed to hit the strip once.  Our primary purpose in going to the strip was to see the Bellagio Fountains.  We did manage this, but unfortunately, we were pretty far away.  After that fail we went to a buffet at the Luxor hotel.  It was disgusting.  Another fail for the strip.  Irony of the weekend was getting this fortune from my fortune cookie at the buffet.

Did I mention I was in Vegas where people overspend like crazy with their gambling?  What happened to the, 'you're going to stumble upon a lot of money'.  What's strange is this fortune seems to have exacted some sort of power over me. I actually had to force myself to buy groceries the other day.  Groceries!  Oh well, if you need me I'll just be dumpster diving for scraps of food in order to survive.