Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Random Happenings

There's been a lot of crazy things that have happened in the past 4 days.  And by crazy I mean things that are actually worth telling a story about.  Sometimes you just go weeks without having any worthy stories to tell!  Since I couldn't just choose one I decided to highlight all of them.

-I can finally cross getting a black eye off of my bucket list!  This may have happened several weeks ago but I haven't mentioned it yet.  The sad part was that nobody could even tell I had a black eye.  I'd get right up close to show them and then they'd say, "Ah yes I can kind of see it."  They probably just said that to get me out of their bubble.

-The boss woman came in last Friday with two very dead looking plants.  She asked me to save them for her because I'm the plant whisperer.  I had no idea I had such a reputation.  I also learned that I will pretty much do anything if called the master of it - excluding fridge cleaning and drain clearing.

-Saturday night found me babysitting of the nieces.  Whilst babysitting, one of these darling nieces decided it'd be funny to chuck a golf ball at my head when she was only a foot away.  There's still a bump on my forehead.  Maybe it's because I don't yet have kids but I thought it was hilarious.  Also, who has a golf ball in their play box?  I'm looking at you JD and McCall.

-Later that night I ended up in my house sewing,watching the last Harry Potter movie by myself.. and sobbing.  Sobbing for all those characters dying that I hold so dear to my heart.  Best part was texting my roommate, Lora and having her respond with, "Don't do it alone!" It's good to know someone understands my HP fanaticism.  Speaking of Lora, we occasionally have arguments about what constitutes a real dinner.  Yesterday she said, "You know garlic croutons just don't cut it for a dinner.  They actually made me nauseated."  Then she followed that up today by saying she was disappointed we weren't going to the movie until later since the popcorn from the movie theater was going to be her dinner.  The fact that she and her horrible eating habits are leaving me in 2 days is almost too much to bear.

-My makeup somehow slipped out of my hand this morning.  The result: makeup in my hair, all over my sweater, on my pants, and on the floor.  How does that happen?  Did I mention my sweater was white?  Then I got to work and found out that we were supposed to wear black today for the mock funeral party we are having for the retirement of a program.  Kind of uncanny that I ended up changing into a black sweater unknowingly, isn't it?

-The craziness of the morning continue when I got into work and saw out of the corner of my eye some sort of movement.  When I looked, there was a full fledged mouse scurrying off my desk and onto the floor.  A MOUSE!  On MY desk!  I was in shock. I mean what do you do when you see a mouse?  You can't smash it, and it's probably not the best idea to try and catch it.  I just ended up praying that it would run away, and what do you know it ran out of my room and into another office.  Take that coworkers!
There you have it.  I hope you enjoyed my hodge podge of stories.  You're welcome.


  1. Hahaha these stories were awesome. They just need a picture of you and your beautiful self. Btw how did he make up get I your hair? We're you holding it over your head? And is this the roommate I blog stalk? Sounds like her- haha

  2. How come I didn't know that you were the plant whisperer? I would have flown you out to Houston so you could have saved our garden! (Okay probably not, but maybe you could have done some crazy plant voodoo to help out)

  3. These stories cracked me up! Especially the one about Lydia throwing a golf ball at your head I could totally picture that happening and it had me laughing!! Let me guess you sing the "grow grow grow song to the plants!! Hah I can't believe a mouse ran on top of your desk pure disgustingness. I hope you washed your table

  4. I was just rereading your blog and checking to see if you had a new post and saw that my comment hadn't posted from last time I read this. Anyway I can't believe that about the golf ball and that you laughed remind me to tell you about my chandelier hitting me. That almost made laugh if it didn't hurt so much.Kels you are a wonderful cleaner and dish washer ha hope you get that. I can't believe you didn't scream! What you're not a true Hansen. Aggh about the make up. I hate days like that but hey in your case it worked out.