Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blickenstaff's is the Place to Be

I've always been a fan of Blickenstaff's toy store.  Just take a look at this magical place.

Every time I go I seem to find some crazy new toy or game that I suddenly find absolutely necessary to have.  Naturally, I jump at any chance I get to go to this store.  A few weeks back I heard tell from my awesome SIL Makana that you can have FHE at Blickenstaff's and they'll let you play any game you want for free.  Free people!  Being the mother of 19 rowdy children (don't even ask me how I keep them all straight), I was thrilled to think of the prospects of introducing them all to the magicalness that is Blickenstaff's.  When it was time to gather for FHE, only two of children were present, effectively vaulting themselves to a two way tie for the honor of being my favorite child.  The rest of the 17 will be punished with coal in their stockings for such naughty behavior.  

I digress.  Despite the low turnout, we still had a blast.  We got a worker by the name of Travis to teach us how to play Tenzi, and SpotIt.  We also played with some random contraption that I didn't catch the name of.  Travis was a good sport and really made our experience wonderful.  I think he may have even had more fun than we did.  Yours truly was the champ of SpotIt (hopefully none there will find my blog and dispute that claim).  After playing these rousing games we retired to the outside of the store to check out the lights, listen to the amazing violinist playing, and say hi to our dear friend Santa. 

Photo: You're never too old to sit on Santa's lap.
I may or may not have slipped a $50 bill to good old Santa while sitting on his lap, telling him to promise my favorite children whatever they wanted for Christmas.  

Thanks to Makana for the great idea and thank you Blickenstaff's for being so hospitable.  You can check them out on the web here or on there FB page here.


  1. I can't believe you only had 2 children come. Better be getting some good presents for them. Hope you enjoy your bag of candy! Ps I will go with you to Blinkinstaffs whenever. That place is so cool.

  2. ok sorry Kels I didn't see this post before when I read the other. I'm so jealous that you guys have this place to go to and play games for free. What fun. Have you tried to get your fhe group there again? Seriously though what's wrong with people that don't show up.