Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's a Christmas Miracle!

This year the amazingly talented Stephen's family had me for Christmas. For those of you who are having doubts on the type of talents you have, you may not want to read any further because Cassity and Daniel did a fantastic job, and may make you doubt your self worth even more. Just remember, the Stephens are notorious at being awesome.

My roommate, Erika and I were really excited to put what they made for me on my wall, so I forgot to take pictures of it before. But here is the entire ensemble (I already owned the necklaces, hat, and red purse. Shout out about that styling hat.. I won that!). I think Erika was mostly excited to have all my necklaces easily accessible.

Here's a closer look at the mirror. The forget me not was the theme of President Uctdorf's talk this past General Relief Society meeting. One of my favorite talks of all time so I was super excited about it. Cassity says that it's also a note to not forget my keys.. as if I ever lose those.

The second gift I got was this fantastic purse! I absolutely love it. I have to say, Daniel knows how to pick out a good purse, he must have practice or something. And then the flower was added to the purse by Cassity.

She also crafted these cute flowers. Love them as well! There were three, but mom lost one of them. Looks like she needs a mirror saying forget me not too. Daniel you want to get on that?

This photographed really poorly.. or maybe I'm just bad at taking pictures of really small objects. That's probably it. Either way that is a real forget me not flower. Carole, Daniel's mother added this portion when she found out the theme they were going with.

Needless to say, I loved all of my gifts! Such talented people. It's like they read my mind as to what I wanted because before Christmas I was thinking to myself how I really hoped my person would make me something to stick on my wall. I was also hoping for something that would make me more styling. Look at that, wishes really do come true.
What a Christmas miracle!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bowling Dreams Crushed

Three months ago I bowled a 208. Don't believe me, just check the picture.

Impressive right? I thought I was destined for greatness. Never mind the fact that I'd never gotten a turkey before, or that my normal goal in bowling was just to get to 100; I was good. Real good. Maybe even professional team worthy. I even had the perfect bowling name. Kelso. Doesn't it just strike fear in your bowling heart? But then I got nervous and never wanted to go bowling again. I mean when you bowl that good, there really is no going back. Last week for FHE we went bowling and even though I insisted I was content on just watching, my loving FHE father bought me a game. How kind of him. I got up for my first bowl, and I could feel the tension in the air, since I'd stupidly announced to my whole FHE family what I'd gotten the last time I had gone bowling. I picked up the ball and threw it down the lane.. gutter ball. Shaking it off, I bowled again.. another gutter ball. In the end I bowled a measly 67, crushing all dreams of becoming a professional bowler. Please note from the picture below that on my fifth frame I only had 14 points.. also note that I didn't lose.

I may be bad, but at least I'm not the worst.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Interesting Encounter

I'm so desirable. No really I am. If you don't believe me just ask the forty year old man who circled my car three times on his bike one day while I was getting out of my car. Just as I was about to head into my house he says "Excuse me miss, please tell me you're not married." I had a slight moment of hesitation trying to decide if I should tell the truth of my singlehood or lie to him and go through the repentance process later. I chose repentance. He gave a downhearted, "Oh Ok," and pedaled away. As I was walking away I couldn't stop wondering what he would have said had I said no. With such a bold question to begin with would he have proposed on the spot? Asked me to jump on his bike with him and ride away into the sunset? Or maybe he was looking out for his son and wanted to set us up. In the end this just means I should've listened to my shoulder angel.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good:
My roommates and I successfully played our first prank of the year. With nine of us in one house you'd think that we would have done something sooner. Apparently we were all too lazy. Guess the cold does that too you. Anyway, I was the brainchild of said prank. We'd seen the movie Eagle with a couple of boys (side note it may not be worth the dollar to see). They'd left us a gift the week before after we watched it, so we decided to return the favor with this..

Can you tell that's a rat? We found it at Walmart for five dollars. It makes car noises. Pretty sweet. Anyway you'd have to see the movie to know what the jokes about. Just know it was really funny. Oh yeah and then we flossed their car.. in all black. Don't worry we were conspicuous. I was the guard and would whistle when people came close. In case you are wondering why floss one of the guys thinks it's gross if you don't floss at least three times a day. As such we gave him a lifetime supply.

The Bad:
I got the idea for the prank while reading my scriptures.. Apparently when I think my scriptures my mind drifts to Channing Tatum (he's the main character in the movie) and dead rats. I started laughing so hard I was crying.

The Ugly:
We found this car at Walmart parked a good mile away from the store. Of course we decided to park by it. That's what mature college students do. Unfortunately we got finished at the store before they did. We still felt funny.

And this.. gotta love roommates