Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bowling Dreams Crushed

Three months ago I bowled a 208. Don't believe me, just check the picture.

Impressive right? I thought I was destined for greatness. Never mind the fact that I'd never gotten a turkey before, or that my normal goal in bowling was just to get to 100; I was good. Real good. Maybe even professional team worthy. I even had the perfect bowling name. Kelso. Doesn't it just strike fear in your bowling heart? But then I got nervous and never wanted to go bowling again. I mean when you bowl that good, there really is no going back. Last week for FHE we went bowling and even though I insisted I was content on just watching, my loving FHE father bought me a game. How kind of him. I got up for my first bowl, and I could feel the tension in the air, since I'd stupidly announced to my whole FHE family what I'd gotten the last time I had gone bowling. I picked up the ball and threw it down the lane.. gutter ball. Shaking it off, I bowled again.. another gutter ball. In the end I bowled a measly 67, crushing all dreams of becoming a professional bowler. Please note from the picture below that on my fifth frame I only had 14 points.. also note that I didn't lose.

I may be bad, but at least I'm not the worst.


  1. How sad. At least you have the picture to prove what you got before and you can destroy the one below. I think you would have done good the second time but you'd let your mind say you couldn't do it again. Ha!

  2. ok that last comment was me mom. How did you change my name. Ha! Your post doesn't come up as just written so that's why people don't see it and comment. I just lucked out and saw it.

  3. You should have just retired after scoring 208. Now we have to go bowling again to erase the atrocious 67 that is staining your bowling reputation ha ha.

  4. Haha that tends to happen, it seems whenever you do something really cool or awestruck it hardly ever seems to happen again. Like how one day you can do your hair oober cute and then the next day you try to do it exactly the same, it doesn't happen! So i emphasize with you, but you'll get it again:)

  5. a 208!!! No way!! Good thing you got a photo. And then a 67?! Sheesh woman!
    And I think Cass meant to say empathize instead of emphasize. :) lol