Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good:
My roommates and I successfully played our first prank of the year. With nine of us in one house you'd think that we would have done something sooner. Apparently we were all too lazy. Guess the cold does that too you. Anyway, I was the brainchild of said prank. We'd seen the movie Eagle with a couple of boys (side note it may not be worth the dollar to see). They'd left us a gift the week before after we watched it, so we decided to return the favor with this..

Can you tell that's a rat? We found it at Walmart for five dollars. It makes car noises. Pretty sweet. Anyway you'd have to see the movie to know what the jokes about. Just know it was really funny. Oh yeah and then we flossed their car.. in all black. Don't worry we were conspicuous. I was the guard and would whistle when people came close. In case you are wondering why floss one of the guys thinks it's gross if you don't floss at least three times a day. As such we gave him a lifetime supply.

The Bad:
I got the idea for the prank while reading my scriptures.. Apparently when I think my scriptures my mind drifts to Channing Tatum (he's the main character in the movie) and dead rats. I started laughing so hard I was crying.

The Ugly:
We found this car at Walmart parked a good mile away from the store. Of course we decided to park by it. That's what mature college students do. Unfortunately we got finished at the store before they did. We still felt funny.

And this.. gotta love roommates


  1. Oh dear kelsi blog,
    I have missed you!!! And if you ever do any one of those things to me, this little relationship of ours is over. :)
    PS- I think that you are cool

  2. Amen to what Makana said and it's about time you wrote and time we had a good laugh. Good- utterly disgusting. Good thing you did that to guys.I'm sure they wanted to scream though.Bad- too many war stories in the Book of Mormon I guess.Ugly-Loved how you parked by that car. FUNNY (what were you doing with your roomies)
    By the way I didn't even know you had posted the other one about the orb. That was cool.

  3. Umm how is that a rat?! And when you say you found it at Walmart for five dollars, does that mean it was a real live rat that you slaughtered? Because that's pretty Ozzy Ozborne of you if you did. I did a lot of crazy things in college, but I definitely never slaughtered a rat.

  4. Write more write more and teach me your ways. And that is disgusting.. purely disgusting. Love roommate pranks. :)