Sunday, December 1, 2013

Today, I'm Grateful for Good Girl Friends

I've had a lot of good girl friends come into my life in the past year.  With them, I've gone on road trips across the west.  We've gone on late night runs to the hospital for food, saved lives while swimming at the reservoir, and hit up rodeos.  We've stayed up late in the night, laughing so hard that we can't even breathe, and gotten up at the break of dawn to go to the temple.  Most importantly, these friends have been there when I needed them.

Last week, was a perfect example of this.  My spirit was heavy as I had just said goodbye to a good friend.  As is common with where I live, they were heading back home to look for a job, with the intent of never returning.  I returned to my apartment with my heart hurting.

One of my new friends surprised me by bringing by some chocolate milk since I had mentioned in passing that I was craving it.  She then started talking about her love for LOR and Harry Potter, not necessarily knowing that I also have a love for both of those series.

During our discussion, I was struck by the goodness of the Lord, and of my friend.  He had placed this sweet person in my life at the exact moment that I needed her, while I'm sure she had chosen to follow through on a prompting.  I know that the Lord places people in our lives for a reason.  The Lord is aware of our situation, and many times his messengers are the people around us.  How grateful I am for a God who cares, and for good friends who choose to listen to the spirit.  


  1. I couldn't agree with you more on how grateful I am to a God who cares and knows our situation every where we go. So glad my dear sister is being taken care of and have had such good friends. You look so cute in all these makes me wish I was there having some of these adventures with you.

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  3. Love your post and glad you have such good friends that are there for you. What a neat thing to hear about. You are blessed most especially as you say through the fact that God knows you and is aware of you and your needs. Such fun pictures. Glad you keep posting