Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hello Seattle

When I turned 23, I decided to make a fun goal before I reached my 24th birthday.  This then allows me to justify everything related to my goal that I do.  I decided on, 24 states before my 24th birthday.  Now anytime mentions a state that I haven't been to, I do everything I can to make sure I go with them.  A friend asked who wanted to go to Seattle, and of course I was all over that as it would allow me to cross off two more states, bringing my grand total up to 20.  Five girls started out on the trip with us, and made the ride up a lot of fun.  We dropped 2 off once we were in Seattle, but then were lucky enough to be there the same time as 2 other friends, so that they were able to join us. 

To make the road trip as exciting as possible, we had to stop at every state sign and take a picture.  Washington was dumb and had there sign on a bridge.  There was no way we were getting a picture of that. So we settled for a pterodactyl instead.   We had a really good time in Seattle.  While there we got to visit the beach, the famous Space Needle, Pike Market Place, as well as the always famous (and disgusting) gum wall.  We stayed with a great family in Seattle who welcomed us with open arms.  Two of the boys had previously lived in our ward, and were actually performing in their city's rendition of Beauty in the Beast, which we got to attend.  Seattle you were quite good to us, and you did your state justice. I was glad to include you in my goal 24 before 24

We started a girl band, here's our cover.
I was determined to do something momentous in Oregon, so that it would count as a state that I had visited.  We started it out with some piggy backs.  Then we drove all the people at the rest stop crazy by playing with the hand dryers.

On the way back we waded in a river in Oregon, for another momentous moment.  I can  now say with full confidence that I've been to Oregon, so none of you better try to dispute that.
I used Nikki's wallet to prop up the camera to take this picture.  Nanette wanted me to take a picture right after, and I subsequently forgot about Nikki's wallet, right next to a gas station.  After driving 3 more hours, we arrived in Seattle and realized we'd left it.  Thanks to the giant pterodactyl  we were easily able to locate where we had stopped,.  We called the gas station to check if the wallet was still there.  IT WAS!  And the kind lady kept it for us until Monday, for when we drove back.

These seagulls were absolutely terrifying.  And huge.  There was a sign next to them that said, "Please don't worry about overfeeding the seagulls, it's not possible."  So feed them we did.  They are well trained in the art of catching flying fries. 

Picking wild blackberries to our heart's content.


  1. first off gross and second off the hand dryer pictures cracked me up seems like fun

  2. Great idea for the 24 states before 24. You are great about goals and doing fun things. Which activity/picture was my fav? They were all amazing and funny. Loved the blow dryer idea and can't believe you got the wallet back.Gum wall disgusting! You guys sure know how to pose for a picture!