Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sometimes I Panic

Two years ago I went to one of my good friend's wedding dinner with my roommates.  We were sitting there discussing various topics, when I took a swig from the drink slightly to the right of me.  Mid drink I came to the realization that this was not my drink as I had already finished my drink, and this one had been completely full.  My friends were sitting to the left of me, while some boy I didn't know was sitting to the right.  

I had a semi panic attack, then turned to my friend Lora and told her to give me her drink.  Confused, she did as I asked.  I took her drink, looked around to make sure no one from the boy's group was watching, and subtly filled up the guy's drink to the level that it had been at before.  

Lora couldn't believe what I was doing, but to me it was the most logical solution.  Instead of fessing up to my mistake, I'd just give the guy both mine AND Lora's germs. 

Makes perfect sense.  

I promise I don't always make dumb decisions.  Just in moments when I'm panicking.


  1. Just checking to see if you had posted again and saw my comment wasn't here so I'll write again. I can't believe you did that! Ha. Funny but sick at the same time. Glad he didn't catch you that would have been embarrassing.

  2. Hahahahaha I totally forgot about this. So funny!