Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Turns Out I'm Not A Gymnast

This past weekend I road tripped it with a couple of friends to beautiful Seattle.  The trip was an absolute blast. Seattle treated us right.  I'll be writing a post about it later on, but I just had to share these videos that were an insight into how I can apparently be far too confident in my abilites.  I challenged my good friend Nikki to a duel of who could do the most cartwheels.  She went first and did 13 without breaking a sweat (in the video it shows her only doing 12, but we didn't catch her first attempt on camera).  Every one of those 13 cartwheels was done with great form.  

Then I go.  Not only did I fail to reach 13, but after watching the video, I realized that I am extremely bad at doing cartwheels.  If I were to score myself on form, I'd probably give myself a 0.5.  Up until this point, I thought I was a pro.  


From now on, I'm thinking twice before I challenge anyone to a cartwheel contest. 


  1. wait those are both videos of you! I want to see hers as well. And I don't know about a .5 Kels those legs were pretty close to the ground instead of the sky. :)

    1. Whoops, my bad. I've changed it so that they are two different videos.

  2. You always keep me laughing my dear sister

  3. Kelsi, forget the cartwheels, your attempt at a British accent was a .01

  4. bahaha your right you are pretty bad at doing cartwheels haha. I didn't think it was going to be that bad when i talked to you haha oh that was great.