Friday, June 21, 2013

Stories From the Weekend

Sometimes I find myself going months without having any funny notable stories to share.  Months!  This past weekend I had five.  Because of the influx of stories, I decided I just had to share them.

On Friday I was sitting at a park, talking to my dear sister, Cassidy.  I was lying on my back with my eyes closed when I sensed someone had walked up to me and stopped.  I cracked an eye open and saw a boy around the age of 8, standing there looking at me.  He asked if I wanted candy, to which I kindly declined. He replied, "Ok," but then started to bend down towards me as if to still give me some candy.  Instead of candy though, I got a snail placed on my elbow.  And then the boy was off and running toward all his other friends.  He caught me by surprise, but if I ever seem little Timmy again, he's going down.

That same day, I went to the Orem CityFest with my friends.  We waited in line for 45 minutes to an hour to ride the Ferris Wheel that they had there.  When we finally got on, I started to get sick after only going two times around. Yes, on a Ferris Wheel.

Saturday I'm sitting at the Spanish Fork Reservoir with some friends.  We'd just gone swimming with our floating noodles and now we were drying off in the sun.  These 4 Mexican men (nationality important as they did not speak English) walked past us and settled down on the other side of us.  I was reading a book when mayhem suddenly broke out among the Mexicans.  They were shouting things in Spanish and thrashing about in the water.  I said to my friends, "Um.. I think they're drowning."  My friends assured me that they were just joking around. One of the Mexicans started to grab onto his friend's head.  .  I got up to help them, but my friends called me back, saying they were most likely joking around.  After a little bit longer of this I held up the noodle and asked if they wanted it, to which they frantically nodded yes.  I ran there and threw the guy the noodle and he latched onto it, gasping for air.  Saved a life.  They didn't even thank me.  I about turned around and yelled de nada at them.  Also, who on earth decides to go swimming when you can't swim? Not that I'm judging.

Later that night, we went to play volleyball at my friend's grandparent's house in Alpine. On the first play of the game I dove to get the ball.  While diving, I felt something and slightly heard something rip.  I got up and was all, "Oh hey, I'm just going to use the restroom real quick."  Went in to investigate, and my pants had ripped. SIlver lining of the occasion was that the rip wasn't really visible, so at least no one got a view of my underwear.

On Monday (yes, I realize it doesn't classify as the weekend), the little boys were back for more.  I didn't realize it was the same group of boys until they started chanting, "Who's that, who's that, who's that with the book." I ignored them.  Right when I was about to leave, I heard one of them run up behind me.  He shouted, "You're cute," and ran away laughing.  Looks like I have a little fan club.  Again I was shocked so my threats for little Timmy were empty.  But next time, I'm tackling him and giving him a wedgie.


  1. hahaha oh i could not stop laughing reading about the snail incident again. These are all the best stories. the mexican drowning-- bah. ripping pants is always a great story to tell afterwards but awful cuz you just ruined a pair of jeans.

  2. You saved a life ha that's great, i love that your friends didn't believe you, better stop hanging around those boys giving then false hope