Friday, June 14, 2013

Making It Rain Food

A couple of months ago my coworker had her birthday.  During her birthday week, I traveled with her to all these different restaurants so that she could get free food that she had signed up for.  Up to this point, I had, had no idea you could get that much food just for having a birthday. Naturally, I immediately went home and signed up for all the free food as well.

When my birthday week came, all the emails full for free food started piling in.   I was VERY excited.  It started out nice, as I just went during my lunch break to some of the smaller things that I got for free.  Then the free food just started to pour in, thanks to other occasions such as my sister's graduation and dinner group.  I could not keep up with all the free food.  At one point during the week I had Cafe Rio, Red Robin, Chiles, and Firehouse Sub in my fridge, and had plans to go out to eat at least three more times.  First world birthday problems; they're real.

On my actual birthday, the most ridiculous moment of getting free food happened.  I went to Red Robin with my friends so that I could use my free burger coupon and not have my friends pay for me (I'm such a good friend, I know).  My roommate, Nanette, used to work there, so she hooked us up with some free appetizers for my birthday.  Free food again!  It gets better though.  The waitress came over to put the appetizers on the table, and her hand slipped.  The appetizers, along with all different types of sauce went all over my friend sitting right next to me.  She had it dripping down her hair and all over her clothes.  A couple of drops of fry sauce also landed on my skirt, but with the fry sauce dripping off of my friend, I didn't dare complain.  Then the manger of Red Robin rushed out to apologize, telling us that they were going to comp the meals for the three of us "hit" by any of the sauces or food, and they'd pay for any dry cleaning that needed to be done.  And if that wasn't nice enough, they told me they'd throw in a free dessert for my birthday.  I'm sure by friend would've rather not had to deal with all the sauce dripping down her, but it was a good deal for me!  Although, it did mean I would need to return once more to Red Robin within the next week.

Moral of the story, it is possible to get too much free food and to get sick of eating out.  Other moral of the story, one of the easiest ways to get free food is by going to a restaurant in some grungy clothes, "accidentally" tripping a waitress/waiter, while simultaneously getting the food spilled on you.  It's fool proof!  Unless the restaurant isn't as awesome as Red Robin, in which case, you just managed to get your grungy clothes even more grungy looking.

Sidenotes from my birthday:

1.  Nanette is seriously the greatest.  I woke up to an amazing breakfast and a table covered in sticky notes that had nice things about me written on them.

This is Nanette.  She is a saint.  

2.  Apparently I'm the new cyber cat lady.  For my birthday I had 9 different cat pictures either posted on my facebook wall or emailed to me, 3 weird interesting exercising with cat videos emailed to me, and 1 cat pen given to me as a gift.  While I'm a little concerned my secret has gotten out, I've embraced all things cat.
How can you not love something like this?

3.  I have really great friends and family who made my birthday wonderful this year.  Here's to another year!

The girl on the far left is the one who had the fry sauce land on her


  1. Wow,I don't think I've ever had anything free for my bday except a free brownie. I really need to sign up. Funny and crazy story about Red Robin. That is pretty cool they'd do that for you. You do have some pretty amazing friends that's for sure.The cat bday greetings is hilarious who knew you were such a cat lover.:)

  2. If you had told me you were sick of eating out, we wouldn't have taken you to Costco,:) Jk, I do love that story though. Looks like you have a great group of friends.